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My Story

When I started out I wanted to get my first website made before university, I had so many questions, how much will it cost, how long will it take, how can I trust someone that I will get what I want, is this you? Like you, I wanted answers and like Alice and wonderland, there are many illusions when it comes to software.

I decided to go with the first company that was convenient to me, it was local, it was cheap and when I called they were nice on the phone. I had no prior experience with what to ask so I decided to pay the amount they requested.

After 4 months when the website was due in 3 I was starting to get frustrated and wondering if had I made a grave mistake with my $2000. All of a sudden they stopped answering my calls and blanked me.

I never got that money back and that is why I have designed my company to be supportive, responsive, and the real deal. Treating people right is the only way that I believe is the best way to do business. Customers should feel that when they pay that they can get answers and a complete product that functions as it is supposed to.  

If you are looking to get a product done correctly the first time, leave us your contact details to get it done! If you want the best way to start your journey you should purchase the ultimate guide to building an app. It will give you tips and tricks to understand what is happening and what to expect along the way

~Owner, Kingsley Mitchell


What is making your life harder?

  • Is it that you login and the system crashes?
  • You don’t have software and you’re writing in a book?
  • Is it that the data you put in gets deleted, when you have worked so hard on it?
  • Is it that you can’t talk to support without having to wait 3 weeks to get a reply?

These can make even the most patient person pull their hair out.

Get a free consult from one of our professionals

This can change your life from constantly gritting your teeth to smiles all the way, all day long.

Software that takes your 1 million users and shows them your new line of products.

Software the works after everyone has gone home.

Interact with all your customers through their mobile or desktops effectively.

Gather big data that boosts your business.

Whether you’re a start up or a commercial business you can benefit from smooth, customer friendly software.

Features we provide :

  • Free 2 year warranty on our code, so that you don’t have to worry everything is working as it should
  • Free 6 months post software support, so that you can contact us about any questions you may have.
  • Free first consult, so that you can start your software journey on a good note.
  • Free code existing analysis, so that you know what you have and what you need to get it working or improved.

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How much does the software cost?

We’ll discuss the best options you have for the situation you have in the meeting. The prices will be dependant on market pricing and required time on the project

How long will it take?

We will provide a full breakdown of hours required to do each task

Back up and warranty?

All software will be backed up and warrantied for 2 years.